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EP71: Top Mistakes New Podcasters Make and How To Avoid Them

Episode Summary

Starting a podcast but not sure if you are doing it right? Here are 9 clear mistakes that new podcasters make and how to avoid them. With this episode, you'll be armed with everything you need to have the podcast of your dreams!

Episode Notes

Starting a podcast can feel overwhelming.  You’re probably thinking is the market oversaturated? Will my podcast even make a dent? There’s probably a little imposter syndrome creeping in thinking, who am I to throw my hat in the ring?

There are about 1.2 Million podcasts out there but only about 50% of them are considered active.*** 

Why is that?  

I actually feel like these statistics are encouraging for a few reasons. A lot of people throw podcasts out there without giving a few key areas some much needed consideration. I promise you - these mistakes are why there are so many shows in the podcast graveyard.

But not yours!  This is your passion.  Your voice.  Your message.  Your stories.  You are going to make it great!  

Please listen, comment, share.

Resources Mentioned:

*** - Podcast industry statistics

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