Culture Changers with Allison Hare

EP73: Intimidated by Dance? This New Format is Taking Over the Nation: Meet the Co-Founders of Reb3l Fitness

Episode Summary

Host Allison Hare talks to Ashleigh Hughes and Trisha Cremeans, founders of innovative dance format taking over the nation, Reb3l Fitness.

Episode Notes

Do you have two left feet?

Do you find the thought of learning a new dance pretty intimidating?

I sure did.  So you’ve seen those dance videos I’ve posted, right? 

Would you believe that the creators of the Reb3l format had ZERO dance or fitness background when they started?

I got a chance to interview 2 of the 3 co-founders of the innovative Reb3l Fitness concept, Ashleigh Hughes and Tricia Cremeans and boy was I blown away with how relatable their stories are - and impressed by how they organically skyrocketed the Reb3l community throughout the nation both in studios and on-demand at home.

What we’ll learn about their stories are:

  1. You will see yourself in their relatable yet extraordinary stories
  2. Finding a sense of purpose
  3. Unlocking your own sense of possibility through movement
  4. Building a business out of your passions
  5. Having a mom’s me-time, being fit and happy can and should be a lifestyle



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