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EP75: Can Positive Psychology Help in the Pandemic? Tallia Deljou

Episode Summary

Host Allison Hare sits down with Tallia Deljou, Positive Psychology Expert, Transformational Life Coach, International speaker and a podcaster as well show entitled "Sincerely, Me."

Episode Notes

Are you struggling with how to find happiness amidst all this chaos?

If you aren't struggling with this, you may be the 9th wonder of the universe and need to bottle up whatever you've got and sell it!

My guest today is Tallia Deljou. She is a positive psychology expert and transformational life coach helping people connect their power and purpose. As an international speaker and podcast host of "Sincerely, Me," she has shared her insights on how to create and manifest a fulfilling life alongside the likes of Deepak Chopra, Jen Sincero and Adam Grant and has been featured by Forbes, Fortune, Well & Good, and Real Simple, among others.

You’re going to get so much out of our chat.  She gave simple and practical guidance on how to truly re-engineer your thought patterns to really regain your power. 

Episode Highlights:

•The Hole in the Heart Theory 

•What does lead to a high quality of life?

•How do we define ourselves?

•How practical is it to practice self-awareness?

How does she help people through "new neural pathways"?

•how do we balance like the ups and downs of the pandemic?

•On Pandemic: every moment presents an opportunity to practice something


3 Key Points

• The dark side of happiness is when it becomes a goal, it often leads to disappointment.

• Self-awareness comes from thoughts and the stories and the judgments your mind has created. How should you handle it?

• Reengineer your brain to look at negativity as a piece of information. 

Tweetable Quotes:

• "Everybody does know exactly what they want. It's just buried under layers of self-doubt." Tallia Deljou

• "Negative emotion is about having a certain level of detachment and looking at them as information" Tallia Deljou

• "Create a vision around what could be instead of what is, and start believing that that can be your reality" Tallia Deljou

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