Culture Changers with Allison Hare

EP76: BYLR Radio Big Announcement

Episode Summary

BIG NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT ON TODAY'S EPISODE!!!! Culture Changers Podcast is moving!

Episode Notes

Hear the big news on today's episode.  As you may know, Culture Changers Podcast will also be heard on the brand new innovative app, BYLR Radio.  But there's more!

It will launch a live stream on BYLR Radio App 24/7, starting this September 4, 2020.

More voices will be heard, more people will learn, and more lives will change. 

Build Your Life Resume (BYLR) is a community of athletes, coaches, entrepreneurs, teachers, well-known personalities, and lesser-known folks pushing themselves to be better in these three buckets: Business, Mindset, and Wellness, led by the legendary Jesse Itzler.

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See you on September 4!